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Dienstag, 31. März 2020
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and the door open, so clea
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A person, sitting alone to listen to the moon, the wind came, like a song, played a beautiful melodies, so people are refreshed. Look, the star came, crossed the calm night sky, and bloomed a beautiful white light, even if it was short-lived. The figure that appears in the heart, the bleakness of the eyes, and the hustle and bustle of the night. In the time of the year of the roaming, the darkness of God, the obscenity and sorrow that ooze out of the eyebrows, poured into the night of the fingertips, the sadness of the years, the sorrows of the mood, all bloom in this dark night. With a smile, I have the shadow of companionship Cigarettes Online , the pity of the moonlight, the ignorance of my life, and constant concern, even with loneliness. On this silent night, my heart is like a flash in the air. For a long time, I have never lost my memory. I read the sky before, the sky is blue, the water is wide, the wind is soft night, always so desolate, can not change the tranquility. Even if you have a lot of waves, but you will end up in peace, there is no better silence in the world. Falling flowers and flowing years, the wind blows the words that can't be heard, can't let go of the mind, and blows like the wind, and thinks about the night rain, picking up the breeze and rushing. I wrote these words under the instructions, line by line, streaked, residual thoughts, no rain, no thought of burying all the regretless youth, unable to hold the gentleness of your shoulder, and then it is difficult to provoke your favorite moment Mindful, a little back, it seems that I can't see the traces of your visit. Holding, in the heart, only left this difficult knot, the ring is dead and close. A sigh, like a rain and heavy building, no words to ask the sky, remember how many companions, and how much loneliness left tonight, I am not lonely, I have a beautiful back. Dear, please let me call you, please let me sneak into you The dream is soft and soft! The night is deep, the sound of this music is ringing again, bringing me the mysterious and fine rain in the distance, the sound of flowing water, the lightness and the chic of the fine waves, and the hundred The thousand-tone string sounds swaying and rolling, and the wings of Haiyan swept over the waves. And at this moment, the spring of my heart is as clear as the moon, and I will praise it in the gully of the soul! The sound of this day is over. The warm air of the world is slowly flowing towards me. It is a melancholy blue melancholy. There is a scent of Lanxin, as if it is a sincere tribute to the world. It is a pity that I look back tonight. I look back on the old days and have already raised. Quietly into the wind and snow, gradually diffuse. Your figure is more and more clear, such as lotus into my heart pool, there is clear water to remember your disappointment of the spring breeze, when you fall into the colorful whistle floating in my palm, I saw The stars on the stars, how crystallized their tears are, how cold you are! I am throwing a seed of the sun for you at the end of the cloud at the end of the cloud; I open the skylight for your morning, bird sounds The green air and the smiling face of the sun are yours. The years have given us a sap, and I will piously give gifts of life! When your haze evaporates in June, I see your blue sky and the door open, so clean. That kind of purity. I am like Yunfan��s joy swinging through your vast and innocent squat. When you come back from June, you say: This June is red! I see your smile is awkward, gentle and pleasant! You You know, watch your red dust, watch your June, I am the cloud of fire on the day, there is a rose of the rose! Only give you a touch of scars, in your eyes, under your nose, think of it! Think of this June, think of You, I am smiling, it seems that there is a spring breeze. Your fingertips, my fingertips are connected! Listening quietly, the language of the heartbeat can not help but shake, and the appearance of youthful flowers gives You. I think you must be smiling! When the breeze Move your long hair Marlboro Red , when the white clouds drift over your thoughts, when you also think about it, the shallow heart is your heart, like the lotus, but not willing to say! The moment of heartbeat is accelerated Marlboro Lights , it is you Gently twitching the flower language, there is a gust of wind blowing into my ear
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