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Forenübersicht » Was machst Du gerade? » How To Torque a Vehicle's Lug Nuts

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How To Torque a Vehicle's Lug Nuts
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How To Torque a Vehicle's Lug Nuts

Lug nuts are nuts which may be rounded or shaped like a cone, and is mostly used on aluminum wheels or steel. Typically, they are made to fasten the wheel securely to the wheel studs so that it is attached to the wheel's axles as well Wholesale Cigarettes Newport . Although torquing lug nuts is done basically to tighten them up, there is another reason to do it too. You will find the wheel's torque ring on the outer side of lugholes located behind the wheel, which serves as a lock washer. In order for the torque ring to function properly, the lug nuts should be set to the exact torque. Lug nuts must always be tightened up to a precise torque Cheap Cigarettes Wholesale , which is based on the wheel stud's size. Loosening or tightening lug nuts are the basic steps when changing your tires. It is very important that it is done properly so that you are assured of safety while driving Cheap Cigarettes Outlet . Done incorrectly, you may either have extreme difficulty in removing the nuts and eventually ruin your rims if too tight, or risk your tires coming off when loosely attached. Here are the steps to follow.

Gather the appropriate tools. It is very important that you have the specific caliber wrench to do the job right Newport Cigarettes Coupons . The torque wrench is an X-shaped device, which is used to apply an exact torque to a nut or a bolt Cigarettes Online USA . This is normally included in the trunk with the jack when you purchase your car. You will make use of these tools in the process.

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