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Jacob & Co TT100.40.NS.NK.A TWIN TURBO Grand Complication Masterpieces Replica watch
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JACOB & CO. Has launched the follow-up product of TWIN TURBO FURIOUS in 2016. The carbon fiber titanium alloy timepiece has a 88-part case and sapphire crystal dial, and a red NEORALITHE inner ring near "JACOB & CO.". trademark. TWIN TURBO FURIOUS has a 50-hour power reserve at 6 o'clock between its dual high-speed tourbillons.luxury Jacob & Co TWIN TURBO replica watches

It also adjusts with two three-axis tourbillon adjusters to compensate for the pull of gravity on the adjustment mechanism integrated with the single push chronograph. The stopwatch mechanism sets the original reference time indicator in minutes and seconds near the power display device, which the user can set on the crown. The pit wheel then allows changes to be read in seconds (related to the reference time when the timed event occurred), a tribute to the timing board for racing from the side of the track. TWIN TURBO FURIOUS also has a decimal point repeater that emits a tone every hour and ten minutes.

Advanced complication: Jacob & Co Twin Turbo to help you

Often, complex aaa swiss movement replica watches carry the same complicated names. However, Jacob & Co can keep it tidy, crispy and simple with Twin Turbo. By the way, this is a very appropriate name, because the table does have two main complications and is implemented in a very expressive style.

By far the most prominent complication is the two three-axis tourbillons. The entire case seems to be designed to give you the best view at the most impressive angle on these two fascinating devices. The rotation speeds of the three axes are 40 seconds, 8 minutes, and 3 minutes, and the outputs of the two are averaged using differentiation.

Although the twin triple tourbillon is obvious, the second complication does not have a major function. The gears and joysticks below the dial may indicate what is going on, but to see what's going on, you must turn the watch over or pull the slide on the side of the case. The watch will then show that it is also equipped with a minute repeater. In fact, Jacob & Co Twin Turbo is the first watch ever to combine a dual tri-axis tourbillon with a minute repeater. To make this watch even more special: it is not only a minute repeater, but also a cathedral gong, which means it has three different shades instead of the usual two.Richard Mille RM 35-02 Rafael Nadal Replica Watch

Despite being a large watch, the shape of the case allows it to fit well on the wrist. It is safe, reliable and comfortable to wear. It's not something you really notice, because you're addicted to the fascinating curved sapphire crystal underneath the tourbillon.

The movement itself is manually wound. Not through the crown but through the miniature crank, which simply adds to the experience. This is what people need to achieve: This is a watch designed and manufactured with the same charm as a high-end Michelin star chef. It offers magnificent and sophisticated dishes in a way you have never experienced with certain ingredients.

Although there are two other soft twin-turbo versions (if you can call it that way), the combination of 18K rose gold, carbon fiber and red details is really fascinating. It celebrates the art of haute horology in an unapologetic way, which is what makes this watch so special.Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti TT200.21.AA.AA.A
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